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Leaving An Abusive Situation

Safety Should Be The Top Priority

Making the choice to leave an abuser can take time. After being battered, it is often hard to think about starting a new life. Ending a relationship is emotional and brings great unknowns. A person has many considerations, no matter how bad the abuse might become. It is an individual choice and one that should always be planned out as carefully as possible. Sometimes, planning is not an option and a person simply flees in order to survive. If you or someone you know is thinking about leaving, it is essential that they make a clear plan.

Planning Ahead

Simple Steps Can Make a Big Difference

Safety Planning

Hide this bag somewhere your abuser will not find it. Try to keep it at a trusted friend or neighbor’s house. Avoid using next-door neighbors, close family members, or mutual friends. Your abuser might be more likely to find it there.

If you have to flee without preparation, get to safety. While it is nice to be able to plan and gather the items listed it is more important to be safe.

Emergency Exit

Suggested Tips

Take actions to conceal your plans. Call unrelated places, rental agencies and schools in other towns. Leave a trail of searched websites that don’t matter on the computer.